American Girl Doll Hair: Fixing Frizzy Curly or Wavy Hair


Last year we purchased the 2005 American Girl doll of the year, Marisol, on eBay. When she arrived, her hair was a mess. I knew it I had some work to do to fix her hair. I found other articles online that suggested using Downy softener to fix frizzy hair.

**Disclaimer**- I am NOT responsible for the outcome of your doll’s hair. American Girl does not endorse using Downy. Please do this at your own risk.

Here are the before pictures of Marisol:

american-girl-doll-frizzy-hair Frizzy 18 inch doll hairfrizzy wavy or curly doll hair

What you will need to do is get a pan or dish to hold the Downy softener. Warning, you might want to use an unscented Downy or it WILL smell like the Downy fragrance.


After I soaked her hair in Downy for one hour, I rinsed with water.


american-girl-doll-brush hairamerican-girl-doll-brush-hairphoto 3

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